The best way to sail the Canary Islands…

September 21, 2016 at 10:36 am
The best way to sail the Canary Islands…

Luxury Sailing in the Canaries!

The best way to sail the Canary Islands…

Rugged cliffs, archipelago, volcanoes, tropical weather on one island, snowfall on another, whales and dolphins for neighbours!  The Canary Islands make the best holiday destination and even better if you are sailing them!

The Canary Islands are a Spanish archipelago, located just off the northwest coast of Africa, they were formed by ancient volcanoes and shaped by the winds from the Sahara desert.

Tenerife is the best known, but each of the islands has its own beauty and unique style.  It’s not easy to select only a handful of highlights, but below are our favourite destinations to explore.

Papagayo Beaches, Lanzarote

Luxury sailing aboard Lord Jim to the golden beaches of Papagayo on Lanzarote.  You can relax with drinks and fresh fruit as the boat sails to Papagayo. The Captain and crew are happy for you to help trim the sails and even take the helm.

Lunch is served on board at the beaches and coves where the anchor is dropped for swimming, snorkelling and diving.

Dolphins and Whales can also be part of the itinerary and the mix of luxury and relaxation can be intoxicating.

Island of Lobos, Fuerteventura

Tranquillity and natural beauty is how this island off the coast of Fuerteventura, a short sail from Corralejo, is described.

The island of Lobos is a nature reserve and offers the chance to spot plants and birds not found anywhere else on the planet, surprising given its desert and volcanic landscape.

Popular with day trippers and families, it is an escape to crystalline waters and beautiful hidden bays and corners of serenity.

Santa Cruz, La Palma

Santa Cruz in La Palma is a beautiful seaside town with palaces, manor houses, churches and colourful balcony homes dating from the 16th and 17th centuries. This is the main port of the island and the capital city and is surrounded by rugged and steep topography

Whale Watching

Possibly the most incredible and breath taking sight, is the moment a creature the size of a double-decker bus, hurls itself out of the water only to crash back down several seconds later and disappear into the depths of the ocean.

This has to be one of the greatest thrills in wildlife watching!

Of the eighty or so species in the world, thirty have been seen in the Canaries and while most whale watching in Europe is a summer activity, the Canary Islands offer year-round viewing.

Bottlenose dolphins and at least 400 pilot whales are resident in an area just south of Tenerife, while beaked and sperm whales can also be seen in these waters. Bryde Wales and possible Blue Whales can be seen with lengths of up to 40m.

Lord Jim Cuisine

No adventure would be quite the same unless the appropriate amount of attention was given to your culinary experience.

Your personal on board chef takes this part of your adventure very seriously and can assure you that every care has been taken so that your menu will excite and delight you as much as Lord Jim and your experiences.

The sourcing of local ingredients and preparation of all the courses served to you has been carefully and lovingly attended to, whether it be breakfast, lunch on the run or a sumptuous dinner in the evening. The use of fresh ingredients, local produce and our care to your detail we hope, will go to make this a most memorable part of your stay.

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