Sailing the Outer Hebrides

Sailing the Outer Hebrides

Close your eyes, breathe in the fresh salt air and imagine paradise!

Miles and miles of white, sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise seas and a myriad of inlets and islands, framed by the local wildlife.

Now open your eyes! It’s not the Caribbean, neither is it The Seychelles nor The Maldives.  It’s our very own Outer Hebrides, and yes, it really does look, smell and feel exactly as described above.

An unspoiled wilderness, a place to lose yourself, dream and become one with nature again.

To swim or walk along the beautiful shoreline, or just sit and gaze, you are in paradise!

Lord Jim Sailing - Sailing the Outer Hebrides

The Outer Hebrides, a chain of islands nestling off the north west coast of Scotland with rugged mountain peaks. The main settlement is Tarbert, a word from the Norse language meaning “a place where boats could be pulled across from the head of one loch to another”.

Sailing Mull 4 - Lord Jim

Barra: One of the most southerly islands of the Outer Hebrides with stunning scenery and beautiful beaches on the west part of the island. Barra is very suitable for discovery by bike or on foot.

Harris: Mountainous with numerous unspoilt, white sandy beaches mainly on the west coast. Looks out to the west on to the Island of Taransay, that of “Ben Fogle” fame. Of all the beaches in the Hebrides, the scenery on Harris is some of the most breathtakingly beautiful in the Western Isles and in fact, the whole of Scotland.

Full of unspoiled natural beauty…you won’t want to go home!

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