Sailing Cape Verde

Sailing Cape Verde

For the winter season, Lord Jim will be exploring the captivating winter paradise of the Cape Verde Islands.

Cape Verde
Set sail with the Saharan trade winds and rock and roll across stormy Atlantic seas for days. Then, just before you’re halfway to Brazil, an island rises into view. You have reached Cape Verde, an arrow-shaped 10 island archipelago which packs a punch.

Cape Verde Map

On the second largest island of Santo Antão, craggy peaks on this dizzyingly vertical island hide piercing green valleys of flowers and sugarcane, ruptured with canyons and gorges, an ideal place for the most epic hiking in Western Africa.  São Vicente is home to the cultural capital of the islands, Mindelo. Set around a moon-shaped port and ringed by barren mountains Mindelo is Cape Verde’s answer to The Riviera.

On Boa Vista, Sal and Maio, wispy white dunes merge with indigo-blue seas on unspoiled beaches of soft sand. Throw in the renowned morabeza (Creole for hospitality) of its people and you’ll see why many have come – and never left.

Sailing Cape Verde 1

A perfect winter paradise for those who choose Lord Jim as their resort to appreciate what others cannot see, the vista from the sea as opposed to the land.

Full of marine wildlife and an excellent place to dive and view the underwater topography.

Sailing Cape Verde 2

A trip of a lifetime and a must for anyone looking for a memorable sailing experience with all the creature comforts aboard Lord Jim.

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