Sailing in The Canaries

January 20, 2015 at 2:14 pm
Sailing in The Canaries

The beauty of sailing in the Canaries.

The name “Canary Islands” conjures up many different experiences from person to person. From “kiss me quick” through to warm and exotic and I would agree, however the Canary Islands are definitely somewhat schizophrenic and the great news is, the choice is yours.   Situated off the west coast of Africa, a group of islands with guaranteed sunshine, clear blue waters and easily reached from Europe, is how most people would describe The Canary Islands.

Sailing in The Canaries

Now few people have seen the magic of The Canary Islands and the more remote parts from the luxury of their own cruising platform.  By default, the masses will congregate in carefully chosen pockets of entertainment, by design we take our selected guests to areas of outstanding natural beauty to a group of islands, the likes of La Gomera, with its white steepled churches and cobbled steps and pathways which have stood the test of time.  A real jewel in the crown with its history, architecture and “get away from it all” experience.

Sailing in The Canaries to these under crowded and underdeveloped places will provide food for the soul and combined with the beautiful weather, azure blue seas and favourable winds, is a natural paradise for Lord Jim’s cruising guests.  For those seeking the opportunity to sight and swim with whales, whether snorkelling or diving, your passion will be fulfilled. A natural “stopping off” point during the migration of these majestic creatures, means that your sailing holiday, not only can capture the beauty and ruggedness of the islands but also your very own underwater wildlife show in all its glory.  This has to be one of those “bucket list” opportunities, which combined with the beauty and ambience of Lord Jim and her five star hospitality package means that there is plenty to do and experience, accommodating all tastes.

Sailing in The Canaries and around these beautiful islands, anchoring in remote bays with only the cliffs as your backdrop, can conjure up late night opportunities to swim or generally relax with a rather special drink in your hand, knowing that you are in control of every aspect of your cruising experience.

We welcome you on board after your short flight and will whisk you away, physically and mentally, to another world.  A world of diversity, beauty and tranquillity. Your en suite cabin awaits you, your crew on standby, chef has your favourite drink and you have the ear of your captain.  Let us entertain you.

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