Lord Jim – The History

Lord Jim – The History

Having acquired and lovingly restored Lord Jim, our Camper & Nicholsons bespoke 24.42 metre (80 ft) steel sailing ketch, we set about sailing around the world. This was a true test and testimony to the quality and engineering used when Lord Jim was built in 1976. Previous to our ownership, Lord Jim was built specifically to sail round the world for an owner whose mission was to amass the finest worldwide shell collection!

On return to the builders yard in Southampton (UK) some four years later and after extensive shell cataloguing in London, the owner was short of some specimens and set off again on another round the world voyage. Sadly, on return to Southampton some 18 months later, he died suddenly and Lord Jim was sold to the USA.

Whilst in the USA Lord Jim (“Jim”) was involved in a bullion scam.  Many people were arrested and some jailed. Lord Jim was impounded and stripped bare but no bullion was ever found (we have searched!).  Jim was rescued from her 5 year incarceration and brought back to the UK, where she was re-rigged and re-fitted in Southampton. Becoming a wealthy businessman’s floating hotel was to be her next destiny, sailing from Cannes to Palma during the children’s summer holidays (nothing more, nothing less). After which she was left to await the next family break.

And then there was us! She was beautiful, but neglected – like a greyhound never let off its lead, in need of vision, money and care. Refitted by us in Malta, ready for her epic journey to the Caribbean, through the Panama Canal, passing the Galapagos Islands down through the South Pacific to New Zealand for The Americas Cup. Onward to Australia up past Darwin and then a quick sprint to Thailand. A trek across the Indian Ocean, up the Red Sea, through the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean and finally back to the UK.

We are nuts about Jim, the outdoors, great food and hospitality. In fact we’re just nuts about experiencing and exploring. The sharing of great experiences on and off Lord Jim, combined with some of the most dedicated and like minded enthusiasts, is only surpassed by the individual personalities of the team. Their attention to your detail is why they have been chosen. An important ingredient to make your trip most memorable.

Lord Jim – The Boat