Dolphins and Whales love the Canary Islands too!!

October 24, 2016 at 12:06 pm
Dolphins and Whales love the Canary Islands too!!

Dolphins and Whales love the Canary Islands too!!


The crystal clear, warms waters of the Canary Islands attract lots of visitors, and not all of them are human!

The incredibly rich marine ecosystems around the Canary Islands attract a huge variety of ocean dwelling creatures.

The best thing about Dolphin and Whale watching in the Canary Islands? Most of the Dolphins and Whales are permanent inhabitants, so you can be pretty sure you will get to see them.

More than 20 species live in and around the Canary Islands, from the incredible and huge blue whale to more approachable and friendly dolphins. Because of their proximity to the shoreline the Canaries are amongst the world’s most popular whale and dolphin watching spot.

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The Species
The percentage of successful whale watching trips in the Canaries is high and the most common resident species are the short-finned pilot whale, bottlenose dolphin, and the humpback whale. They live here all-year-round and are waiting for your visit. Amongst the most popular species you will find are;

Spotting dolphins in and around the Canary Islands is almost an everyday sport. These are some of the most intelligent mammals and as many as six different species live in the waters, they are incredibly sociable and will often want to play in the bow waves of boats.

Pilot Whales
One of the largest delphinids in the world and they are also one of the most common species around the Canary Islands. A permanent colony of short-finned pilot whales lives in our waters. They are social whales and always travel as a group or family so it’s common to see lots at the same time. Pilot whales also often play amongst themselves or interact with boats.

Humpback Whales
The most abundant and diverse of the baleen whales, this group includes the humpback whales that live around the Canary Islands. They grow to 16 metres long and are easy to spot and recognise thanks to their humped backs. These enormous mammals will leave you breathless when they pop up to say hello.

Sperm Whales
Sperm Whales can grow up to 20.5 metres long, which makes sperm whales one of the world’s biggest creatures. They can dive to 3 kilometres and stay underwater for 35 minutes in search of prey. The sheer scale of sperm whale will make you feel somewhere between insignificant and terrified.

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So where are the best places to see the Whales and Dolphins in The Canaries?

South coast, Tenerife
The waters off the southwest coast of Tenerife are a hotspot for watching whales in the wild. More people see wild cetaceans here than anywhere else in Europe and 21 different species have been sighted, including blue whales and killer whales. Resident populations of pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins are spotted on 80% days throughout the year.

South coast, Gran Canaria
Dolphins are common in the waters around Puerto Rico harbour in south Gran Canaria. They love the clear waters and cool breezes and are active from dawn right through until dusk.

Tazacorte coast, La Palma
One of the best spots for Whale and Dolphin watching is around Tazacorte harbour in western La Palma. The Whales routines are well known and they are spotted on 90% of trips. The sea off La Palma is the best place to see sperm whales.

Valle Gran Rey coast, La Gomera
The waters around Valle Gran Rey in south La Gomera are a superb location for watching whales and dolphins in the wild. It’s a very busy highway with spotted, common and bottle-nose dolphins, whales and sperm whales all visiting regularly. There is also the opportunity to spot sea turtles.

Whale and Dolphin Watching – The Rules
Feeding and swimming with them is not allowed as it is important for our cetaceans to lead a completely natural life. All Whale watching boats in the Canary Islands follow Blue Boat standards and respect the strict laws that guarantee our whales and dolphins a hassle-free life.
We want all our Whales and Dolphins in the Canary Islands to there for generations to come.

And the best way to see the Whales and Dolphins?

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