Luxury Yacht Charter aboard Lord Jim

Luxury Yacht Charter aboard Lord Jim

Lord Jim is a Luxury Yacht Charter business, sailing our 24 metre yacht around the Mediterranean and The Canary Islands. Each trip we organise is designed and created by the people that book the holiday, making every one a unique experience for everybody.

Food for the soul! Luxury Yacht Charter and Sailing holidays in the Mediterranean and Canary Islands with beautiful coastlines, turquoise seas, white sandy beaches and tranquillity beyond imagination on our gorgeous yacht, Lord Jim.

We believe that our sailing holidays in the Mediterranean and the  Canary Islands expedition concept, gives you, the discerning customer, total control over how and where you spend your most valuable time. Add to this stunning locations, a dedicated crew, hospitality and exquisite food, you will have to be reminded frequently that you’ve “not gone to heaven”.

All Sailing companies offer a unique experience; we offer a bespoke opportunity, with our sailing holidays concept to build, design and enjoy your own emotional  experience whether sailing with us in the Mediterranean in the summer, or The Canary Islands Islands in the winter. Your holiday, your design, your unique experience and your collection of special moments.  The real uniqueness, apart from Lord Jim herself, is your ability to make it exactly the way you want it.

This is not OUR unique experience, this is YOUR unique experience for sailing holidays in the Mediterranean and The Canary Islands“.

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